Great Coffee In A Drip Coffee Maker

Whether it is that first morning cup of sunshine or the inspiration that follows dinner, coffee can only be truly enjoyed when it is good coffee. Although the coffee that is used is very important, so is the preparation of it.

Drip coffee makers come in different sizes, and therefore require different preparation. The same way you make (and love) your coffee in a 4 cup maker does not mean that it will taste the same when you make 4 cups in the 12 cup maker.

Start with a clean coffee maker and decanter. To maintain a clean coffee maker, wipe it down with a damp cloth after every use, including under the filter basket and brewing station. (Just because you do not see under there does not mean you do not have to clean it.) Wash your decanter, lid, and filter basket in warm sudsy water. Periodically, brew a combination of vinegar and water through the machine, and then follow it with 3 or so brews of plain water. You can also purchase chemicals made specifically for this cleaning purpose.

Once you have a clean station, measure your coffee using a coffee scoop. Start with one slightly rounded scoop per cup of coffee. Add the coffee to the filter basket and then insert the basket into the coffee maker. Next, measure one cup of COLD water (yes, it must be cold) per cup of coffee. Do not measure by ounces, but rather by your actual coffee cup or mug, since this is the amount of coffee you actually want to produce. You can pour the water into your cup and then directly into the coffee maker, or you can pour the water into your cup, then into the coffee decanter. The coffee decanter method will help determine how much water for the next time, and the decanters spout may also make it easier to pour the water into the coffee maker. Turn on the coffee maker and smell the air. Enjoy.

Depending on how you like the taste of the above coffee, you will modify the scoops for the next run. If the slightly rounded scoop tasted weak, brew the next pot using very rounded scoops. If it was strong, try a flat scoop instead. Once you experiment with a couple of different variations, you will have your perfect coffee. Note: you will have to repeat this every time you try a new flavor of coffee; as the strength of the beans varies, so will your scoops.

Remember you need to do the above steps for each coffee maker. You can not assume that the 4 cup marking on your small pot is the same as the 4 cup marking on your big pot. Always measure using the actual cup or mug from which you will be drinking.

A few other tidbits about good coffee:

If you always drink filtered water, then you should use filtered water for your coffee. The taste will make a difference.

Better quality coffee does not usually require as much of a scoop as a cheaper bean. (It may be the difference between a flat scoop and a heavily rounded one.)

Coffee is best when ground fresh, so if possible, buy whole beans and grind it yourself.

Coffee should be stored in a dry, airtight canister.

Coffee should be enjoyed with every sip. It is OK to indulge alone or with friends.

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