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Coffee is such a stimulating drink that it leaves a lingering taste on the taste buds of our tongues. Everybody is so interested in the niceties of brewing coffee that the quest to know and relish the taste of the coffee is strong. Frequently asked questions on the same are abound of which some are as mentioned below.

1.How can we know the quality of coffee?
The quality of coffee depends mainly on the process of grinding and roasting. The grind size is important for right kind of brewing. A coarser coffee needs more heating while a finely ground coffee has to be boiled for a short time, else the fine particles may get over exposed to heat and thus make the coffee bitter. Roasting has direct impact on the flavor. In fact the more the beans are roasted, the color of the beans change and so also the flavor.

2.How long does the coffee remain fresh?
If you are using ground coffee, then its freshness is for a short period. Ground coffee has more surface area exposed to air, moisture, heat and light and hence it deteriorates faster. Its freshness remains for only a week. Whole beans on the other side have longer shelf life and can be used for nearly six months. To keep the coffee fresh for a longer time it should be stored in airtight glass or ceramic containers.

3.How do the grind size and the temperature of boiling affect the taste of my coffee?
The grind size and temperature of brewing are interrelated. The usual comment of the coffee being strong or weak is due to these two factors. Coarser ground coffee though takes longer time to brew, but the flavor extracted from the coarser particles is less. From the finely ground coffee the flavor extracted is more but it produces more dust, which when exposed to temperature of boiling for a longer period make the coffee bitter. Hence the grind size has to be little coarser than the fine grind size.

4.Does the water have any affect on the flavor on the coffee?
Coffee is 98 to 99% water. Fresh water has to be used for brewing. Water kept overnight has less dissolved oxygen does not taste like the fresh water. Distilled water has no minerals. The coffee brewing should be started with cold water as pre heated water may have lost the dissolved oxygen.

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