Green Bean Coffee Pods

Coffee beans are harvested when the fruits on the coffee plants are nearing for ripening. The color of the fruits is red when they are handpicked by the laborers. The collected coffee beans are sent for next processing.

Green coffee beans have a large demand due to its quality of maintaining the freshness for a longer time. So is the demand for green bean coffee pods. The preference can be attributed to a number of factors. Coffee beans undergo a number of processes for its use the important being roasting. Usually, they should be of uniform size for the process of even roasting. Small beans may get roasted earlier than the larger ones giving differing colors of the roast on the skin. This results in the coffee beans getting roasted at different temperatures thus compromising on the flavor. It also shows that the beans have been picked from different cultivations and places, which the coffee graders cast doubt on their quality. The coffee beans have to be separated by their origins and processed for getting the finest taste.

One other reason for the preference of green beans is that the beans other than green, undergo rapid chemical changes due to improper drying and longer storage. The green beans have bright appearance and smell fresh. Coffee pods made of such beans give finest flavors.

The processes that the green bean coffee goes through are many. After being picked, the fruit pulp covering the coffee beans is removed by soaking them. By hand rubbing the skin with pulp is removed. Water is passed over the beans to remove the traces of the pulp over them. They are then dried by spreading them under the sun. If the beans are not dried, they undergo chemical change giving them stale odor. The dried beans are green coffee beans.

The next important process is that of roasting wherein the original flavor of the coffee beans is brought out. When roasted, the green beans turn into different color and they expand nearly double their size. As the green beans absorb heat, first they turn into yellow color and then to brownish. The color to which they are turned is dependent on the type of roast desired such as dark, medium or mild. The roasted beans are ground to the required size for making different drinks including espresso. They are then packed into small paper bags for instant coffee making.

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