Great Mocha Coffee From A Coffee Maker

When you are dealing with a drink like coffee, one of the great advantages is that is such an old an time honored drink that thousands of recipes are available for it. You can make many of them with a cappuccino machine.
You can try Caribbean coffee, Mexican mocha, Cuban cubano, and grog, or Viennese, Turkish and Vietnamese coffees. There are all delicious.

For Caribbean mocha, bake a coconut for 30 minutes at 300 degrees F )134C). Once it is cool, crack it open and scrape out the coconut meat. Grind it well and mix it with a half cup milk and heat it on top of the stove until the mixture thickens. Strain to remove the particles of coconut and add to your coffee to make an exquisite blend.

A mocha drink is a blend of coffee and chocolate, a perfect pairing. For Mexican mocha, add a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon and nutmeg to a teaspoon of chocolate syrup. Blend well and pour into your coffee and add sugar. For an special treat, you can blend in whipped cream, or dolop it on top.

A Cubano is a strong coffee, a small cupful drunk straight and hot, swigged back like a drink at a bar. A shot of Cubano may be too much for a gringo, so milk or rum is often added.

The traditional English treat of grog is usually served at Christmas. Orange and lemon peel are placed in the bottom of a cup. Butter (1/3 tbsp.), brown sugar (1 tbsp.), and a pinch each of clove,nutmeg and cinnamon are heated together. The coffee is poured into the cup and the spice mixture added, along with sugar and cream to taste. What a feast for a holiday or anytime!

For Viennese coffee, dark chocolate is melted with light cream and coffee whipped in until a froth is achieved. Sprinkle with cinnamon and slivered cocoa, and you will suddenly be hearing Mozart.

Turkish is the oldest coffee and, like many old things, the simplest. If you want to be a purist, you will need a "dzezva" pot. Boil a cup of water and add sugar; remove from heat and add coffee. Put back over heat and boil once again. This boiling makes for a strong cup of coffee! When a froth forms, let cool, remove the froth and enjoy.
A specialty drink of Vietnam of iced Vietnamese coffee. You will need a Vietnamese coffee press, but once you have one, the process is easy. Place your coffee grounds in the press, pour a tablespoon in the bottom of a cup, pour water over the press, let drip and add ice. Simple and delicious.

Take a culinary tour of the world through these great coffee traditions and recipes and enjoy coffee at its very best.

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