Hawaiian Coffee

If you have ever visited Hawaii then you already know how beautiful and picturesque these islands are. They offer fantastic food which can’t be matched anywhere in the world and the Hawaiian coffee is another thing which is highly sought after worldwide. Hawaiian coffee, also known as Kona coffee, offers a rich flavor that is addictive to the discriminating coffee drinker.

Hawaiian coffee is grown on small farms and is typically wet-processed. When coffee is wet-processed it removes the four layers that immediately surround the bean. The result is a cleaner and fruitier coffee that is simply irresistible in taste. There are now many countries that produce fine coffees that also use the wet process. One specific plant known as Typica produces a very low harvest but also produces a very desirable cup of coffee.

The tropical Hawaiian climate is perfect for producing the Hawaiian coffee that is so famous. Clouds usually protect the island from the direct rays of the sun. This, combined with the rich, volcanic soil and the right amount of moisture, provide perfect conditions for the rich, sweet taste of the Hawaiian coffee. People who love this coffee will have to pay an unusually high price in order to be able to enjoy it but most say the price is well worth the taste it offers.

If you usually buy organic products then you will be glad to know that you can also purchase Hawaiian coffee that is grown and processed organically. Organic coffee beans are picked by hand then dried naturally by the sun. There are no chemicals used in growing the organic beans. Many people think the organic bean coffee has the best taste because of the natural growing process.

Finding the Perfect Cup

If Hawaiian coffee is something you desire to drink on a regular basis you will have to find a supplier that can get the coffee for you. This type of coffee is usually not sold in local grocery stores or discount chains. There are several internet sites that offer this coffee through mail order. You can usually buy the whole beans and grind it yourself or you can purchase it already ground. If you have a way to grind it yourself you will be able to enjoy the best flavor since fresh ground coffee releases the essential oils that provide the exquisite flavor. These oils will begin to dissipate over time and the coffee will loose that fresh ground taste.

Regardless of how you drink it, Hawaiian coffee offers a tropical taste experience that coffee connoisseurs say cannot be found in any other beverage in the world.

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