How to Choose the Best Coffee Maker

When you are cooking you know that using the best ingredients and the best pots and pans can help you to cook the most delicious meals and when you are used to good quality products it has to expand to other things, like the beverages you drink and certainly the coffee that you drink. With coffee it is in fact the same as with cooking, if you want a great tasting coffee you need the best beans (the ingredients) and the best coffee maker (the pots and pans) and when you have that, you can make the best coffee ever.

For that perfect cup of coffee, when you first wake up in the morning, you need to find the best beans that is not that hard especially when you buy and look for it online. Just sample and taste the different kinds of coffee and buy the one that you like. But you also need the best coffee maker and that can be a bit harder.

Finding the right beans is a bit subjective, the beans need to fit your taste. Well with the best coffee maker it is in fact the same way, it is also very subjective. It all depends on your taste, lifestyle, budget and eye for design. People make different choices and that is a good thing, it would be a very boring world if we all prefer the same. There are however common grounds on which we decide what would be the best coffee maker for us.

Pure simple coffee

For the purist among us the best coffee maker ever made is a French press. According to them this kind of coffee is pure and all other coffee makers are just fancy. It is true that coffee made with a French press is rich in flavor, you can buy it anywhere and it does not break easily in fact it is just a glass jar with a plunger. You just need to put the (freshly grinded) coffee grounds in the jar and fill it further with hot boiling water. After that you need to give the brew a couple of minutes to get ready and then push the plunger down. This way you will get a strong concentrated flavor and if that is exactly what you like, you do not have to look any further this is the best coffee maker for you. It does not cost much and you can try out some gourmet coffee beans to experiment with this pure strong flavored coffee.

Coffee makers for the everyday user

If you drink a lot of coffee a French press is probably not a good choice for you. There are many other choices but we would like to bring the common coffee drip brewers at your attentions, because it is not fashionable any more to like these kind of machines while they in fact are the best coffee makers available. It is not just coincidental that these kind of coffee makers are used in almost all office pantries. These machines are reliable and can make a real good cup of coffee.

You need to look around for the more expensive models that have paid attention to details like the temperature and the amount of water used. If you buy a coffee drip brewer you do not want the ones that makes a lot of coffee at one time and keeps it heated in the carafe for a long time. The first cup is good but the last few cups taste awful.

What type of machine you buy is totally up to your taste, just make sure that you buy the best coffee maker of its kind and the best beans you can get.

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