Keurig: More Than Coffee

All of us who own a Keurig coffee maker can attest that this single cup coffee brewer is the epitome of kitchen excellence. These coffee makers are able to brew a cup of hot, delicious coffee in less than a minute, all with no clean-up. The keurig is noted for using its patented K-Cups, with over 190 varieties of pre-measured gourmet coffee from a variety of premium brands. Its one-touch technology provides precise control over brewing, leaving no messy grinding or clean up. Simply lift the lid, insert a single K-Cup, close the lid, and select a cup size. The Keurig Special Edition B60 machine also includes a generous 48 oz. removable water reservoir which supplies an endless reserve of hot water. Instant hot water for warming up a cold baby bottle, or quickly thawing out food directly from the freezer.

Its sharp design allows the B60 Keurig Coffee Maker to blend nicely with all countertop decor. So go ahead and fill the water reservoir and press the ON button. However, this time make something other than a flavorful coffee. Wait, something other than the classic breakfast pick me-up? Sure, let me list the many culinary alternatives for the Keurig:

1.Oatmeal or Hot cereal: Pour your mix into a bowl and place it under the Keurig machine. This time, start a cycle minus the patented K-cup. You guessed it! Out comes hot water right into the bowl. Stir and slightly cool. The healthier alternative to nuking water and still ready in under 60 seconds.

2. Instant Soup: Preparation is the same (a recurring theme with all Coffee Alternatives). This time its a wonderful bowl of soup most enjoyed on cold snowy nights.

3. Teas or Hot Cocoa: Speaking of snowy nights, reach into the Keurig Carousel for one of the large selections of Keurig K-cup teas, or how about a delicious Ghirardelli Premium Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa. Partial to your favorite bagged tea or powdered problem. Hot Water coming up!

4. Jello: Whenever a recipe (like jello) calls for a cup of hot water, I have it at the touch of my fingertips. Oh what a sweet treat!

5. Instant Noodles: My favorite! Any grocer has a large variety of instant noodles, however, let me suggest your cities Asian Grocers. The selections are endless, with varieties coming from several countries along the Pacific Rim. After pouring hot water from your Keurig, allow to sit (most under 4 minutes), and Presto!....a light and wonderful tasting dinner.

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