Replacing The Pot In Your Coffee Machine

For all those coffee addicts out there, there is no worse feeling than breaking your coffee pot and being unable to have that crucial early morning cup. Non-coffee drinkers may see that as an exaggeration, but honestly, if one of them had to deal with me first thing without a cup of coffee, they would be running out themselves to buy me a new pot! I can cope with breaking my hairdryer, for that matter I can get into work without a shower if absolutely necessary, but deprive me of my coffee and you might just find me in tears on the kitchen floor.

A few years ago it was surprisingly tricky to find a replacement coffee pot. I tried it once and was astonished at how few of the major stores actually kept them in stock even though they sold complete coffee makers. I finally tracked down my prize in the sixth shop I tried, an out of the way family run store, kind of a last resort but evidently the place I should have started my search. Luckily my boss accepted my excuse that the car had broken down on the way to the office. Even with my known coffee addiction I didn’t think a coffee pot hunt justified turning up to work at nearly lunchtime.

At the time there was no internet, or at least I hadn’t heard of it, never mind bought a computer to access it. Now searching for your replacement coffee pot is a much easier exercise as you can purchase one directly from the supplier of your coffee machine, or another reputable website.

There are just a few things to bear in mind. Firstly your pot will take some time to arrive, so prepare a contingency plan for that period; there really are some good instant varieties out there you know.

Secondly, coffee pots have a nasty habit of getting broken during shipping if they are not properly packed, so do make sure you get it from the supplier, or prepare for a disappointment when you open the package and can’t get a refund.

Thirdly be sure that the pot you order is exactly the right one for your coffee machine, particularly if you have specific functions such as a pause feature. If your original pot is discontinued ask the advice of your supplier, and if you purchase a slightly different pot make sure you supervise the first brew to make sure there are no problems.

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