The Coffee Making Machine Evolution

Ever since the first water was boiled, brewed beverages of some kind have been a staple of civilization. However, the favorite, and yet most difficult to make has always been the perfect cup of coffee. Fortunately, the modern day coffee machine is now easy to use and fairly mistake proof, so a cup of well-made coffee can be enjoyed almost anywhere.

It wasn't until the early 1900's when the first real coffee machine was finally produced and enjoyed in more modern homes. It was called the percolator and made coffee brewing much easier. The idea was that water in the lower chamber of this metal coffee urn would be boiled on the stove until the pressure of the water was forced through a funnel and onto coffee grounds sitting in a basket above. The hot coffee would then trickle back down to the bottom chamber and was ready to serve.

Although it seemed easier than previous methods, this system clearly needed some modifications. It was harder to control the strength of the brew, requiring constant attention to the amount of time you heat up the water. Sometimes the filter could not keep out some of the grounds from slipping into the pot as well.

However, this method of making coffee was light years ahead of the 19th century, when people still made coffee simply by boiling the grounds until they thought they were done and then filtering out the grounds as they poured each cup. Some countries didn't bother and drank coffee with the grounds still in it.

The modern day coffee machine is the result of years of designs and patents that all seek to make that extremely elusive, no-hassle perfect cup of coffee. The drip method seems to be the most successful, with the boiling water being separated from the grounds as well as the coffee pot, this method keeps the filtered coffee separate from the original heated water.

Thanks to advances in technology, the simplest coffee machine costs around ten dollars and fits in a suitcase. The more sophisticated models can cost thousands of dollars and come with components to make espressos and cappuccinos. Whichever coffee machine you choose, it is definitely a long way from boiling coffee grounds over an open flame. Learn more about finding the right coffee machine at

Because they come with timers and other features, coffee making in the home has become effortless. The coffee machine can be programmed to start at a specific time and can precisely make one or ten cups without a lot of measuring. This means that you can enjoy coffee whenever you want with no problem.

With the onset of affordable pressurized commercial machines and a better choice of less expensive high quality coffees available, you can get a great cup of coffee to take with you almost anywhere you go. Most cafes, convenience stores, and gas stations now serve gourmet blends and special order coffee beverages like lattes, espressos, and cappuccinos.

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