Time For A New Coffee Pot?

The time has come to toss out your old percolator and to go out and invest in a new one. There are many different types to choose from. You are part of the new trend that has been sweeping the nation-you have become accustomed to specialty coffee shops and their literally dozens of different flavors of hot and cold drinks made from coffee.

Now, what type of coffee pot should you purchase? The bottom line is that basically any model can make a good cup of coffee as long as you use decent coffee and follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to make it.
So, what is available? There are manual-drip systems, presses, percolators, and pod coffeemakers that brew individual cups using ready-to-use packets of coffee, tea and hot chocolate. The most popular of these models is the automatic drip coffeemakers.

Coffee pots come in sizes from single servings to 12 cups, to 60 or more cups. There are many different types and styles ranging in price from $10 to over than $300. The more expensive the coffee pot, the more options included such as programmable start and stop functions, a water filter, frothing capability, automatic shut off and a carafe.

There are a few features you should consider before purchasing a new coffee pot. These include:
* A removable filter basketā€"this makes it easy to remove paper filters and to clean.
* A water reservoir that can be easily removed and carried to the sink for filling and cleaning.
* Brewing and temperature controls that can be changed, as needed, when using different types of coffee.
* A programmable timer so that you can set up your coffee the night beforeā€"this allows you to wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee.
* An automatic shut off featureā€"just in case you go to work and forget to turn the coffee pot off.

How do you decide which brand to purchase? Start by reading Consumer Reports, they rank all coffee pots and give you an honest opinion on each. Also, when at the coffee shop, see what company makes theirs, or check out the machine in the office or ask your friends. Another reliable source is your parents-they have probably been drinking coffee for decades and have their own preferences.

So, if you only drink one cup of coffee in the morning, you might want to get a single-serve drip or press coffeemaker. If you entertain regularly, you may need to have one that makes 10 or more cups at a time. The decision on which coffee pot to purchase is up to you and it is really not that hard to make an informed decision.

Make your own coffee and wake up to the smell of your freshly brewed coffee in your new coffee pot. Experiment with the different flavored coffees and find out which is your favorite morning, evening and dessert coffee. Add special flavored creamers and you will have a delightful tasting beverage for a fraction of the cost of what you were spending at the local coffee shop. You will be glad you made the decision to get purchase one and to brew your own coffee.

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