The Many Different Styles Of Coffee Tables

Every fan of the show "Seinfeld" will remember the episode where Kramer decided to write a coffee table book about coffee tables. The fact that a whole type of literature is devoted to the coffee table shows just how popular this piece of furniture is.

A coffee table is the practical place for someone to place their drinks. Anyone who has been in a living room where there was no coffee table realizes the importance of the coffee table.

A coffee table can be placed in front of a sofa. A smaller coffee table, or what some refer to as an end table, is usually located next to chairs or on the ends of a sofa.

A coffee table will reflect the owner's style of decoration. The traditional coffee table is rectangular, with four legs and sits about two feet from the ground. Traditional end tables are more square, but some stores offer low costs end tables that are round in shape and are covered in a cloth.

Many coffee tables are made of wood. You find these traditional coffee tables in many homes. Some of these coffee tables have variations and some will include ornamentation either on the legs or the corners. Some coffee tables will have drawers for storing, while other coffee tables will have a shelf underneath the table to hold magazines, books, children's toys or the television remote.

Some coffee tables are more "art deco." These coffee tables are often made of other materials such as metal and may be in different shapes such as round or oval. Some coffee tables have a plate of glass inside its structure. One type of coffee table recently featured on an online auction site is made entirely of glass.

Many craftsmen make coffee tables in their shops from wood or metal. Arts and crafts shows across the nation feature the hand-made items.

While the traditional coffee table is still found in many homes, there are many unusual types of coffee tables. One online auction company recently featured an inflatable Dallas Cowboys coffee table. Another coffee table was an aquarium, featuring fish swimming in the tank with a top perfect for holding drinks.

You can purchase a coffee table in a set or alone. A coffee table set will have the traditional coffee table that sits in front of a sofa or couch and two end tables.

Online auction sites feature several versions of the coffee table at a variety of prices. While furniture stores carry an assortment of coffee tables, many discount retailers offer coffee tables. Some of these coffee tables require assembly and often are not made of a durable wood or metal. However, these coffee tables are great for people on a budget such as college students.

Whatever your style, budget or taste is, a local retailer, online auction or furniture store is certain to have a coffee table to meet your needs, whether it is exotic, traditional or ornamental. The centerpiece to your living room is the coffee table.

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