Trip of a Coffee Bean

Coffee has a long journey that it follows. Form the bean to the shelf, coffee will go through some amazing things to get to that final destination. You may take for granted that the coffee you buy off the shelf was some beans ground up from somewhere warm. However, there is much more to it than that. The process of collecting, roasting and grinding coffee beans is an art. It is complex and there are many variables. It should be taken very seriously. In fact, coffee is only second in value next to petroleum.

It all starts with the plant. There are literally hundreds of different types of coffee plants. They are grown all over the world and beans form different areas are different in flavor and appearance. Many are processed in a different manner too. In fact, some processing methods can create different coffee from the same type of bean. With all these variables it is easy to see why there are so many different types of coffee on the market. Most beans are hand picked. They are hand separates and sorted. Coffee beans actually grown in fruit. The fruit has to be removed through a soaking process. They are then dried in the sun. After they are dry, bad beans are separated out and the others are left to age.

Following the aging process the process of roasting begins. The beans are roasted at very high temperatures using special machines. They change color during the roasting process to become the familiar brown color. There are many different roasting techniques. After roasting the beans are packaged.

Beans can then be sold as whole beans or are sent to places where they will be ground. Grinding can be done in different ways and the method and amount of grinding will produce different types of roasts. Some are hand ground while others are ground by machine.

Of course the end result is brewing. You will do that at home or it will be done in a restaurant or shop. The brewing is the last step and there are many different methods of brewing as well. How one person brews their coffee could create a different taste than how someone else brews the same coffee. Coffee makers also play a role in the taste of your coffee. Additionally, serving it can be done in a variety of ways, as well.

Coffee is a very diverse product. There are so many variables to producing the different types of coffee, from the beans to the brewing. It is all about how the process is done. Yu can now easily see why coffee is such an art form and how it can be considered complex.

It can be along journey for the coffee bean to go from being picked in a field to ending up as your morning beverage. It is a long journey, but one full of many twists and turns that are different for each bean.

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