The Whistling Tea Kettle

A long time ago when you wanted to heat water you did it over an open fire, but you cooked like that too. Times changed and stoves to cook inside the house brought new ways to do old things. One of the changes made was no longer boiling water for tea in a pot. The first kind of tea kettle used was the whistling kettle. This ingenious device, for its time, worked very well. The kettle was put on the stove and when it finally boiled the steam was pushed out the little hole in the spout causing it to make a loud whistling sound that could be heard anywhere in the house. Had she left the room to do something else the sound would bring the woman of the house running back to make tea.

The kettles were made out of metal, which meant there would have been the need to have a cloth to lift it off the stove to prevent burning one's hand. These whistling kettles were very heavy in the early days based on the way things were made back then. For the longest time it was the most popular way to boil water when you wanted a cup of tea. Interestingly many people kept using them even after the invention of the electric kettle. Over time, companies that continued to manufacture whistling kettles added protection to the handle which made it possible to lift the kettle from the heat source without the need for some sort of cloth.

Over time many people replaced the whistling kettle with the modern electric kettle which has since been replaced by many with the cordless kettle. Yet, more people than you would think still use a kettle that whistles when they boil water to make tea. They are not the heavy metal ones of the old days and they are not antiques that are used just for the pleasure of using an old piece. They are very modern up to date versions in stylish shapes, sizes and colors. Often made of lightweight aluminum or stainless steel, they are easy to clean and still have the benefit of hearing that wonderful whistle that let you know the water is ready for steeping your favorite tea. While there are those that are more interested in function than in nostalgia, it seems that some people simply prefer the old fashioned technology more than the modern approaches to brewing a cup of hot tea.

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