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Many researches have confirmed the healing effects of tea on human body and soul. However, many health experts are divided over the presence of caffeine in tea. Caffeine which has a prominent presence in coffee is considered harmful for body with higher intake. Actually, the effect of caffeine on human body varies from person to person. It largely depends upon each person’s metabolism. There are some teas which deliver caffeine in a different manner. As a result, that substance has less impact on human body. One notable name in that category is white tea.

White tea is produced with the help of a technique that leaves little or no caffeine in the tea mixture even with a strong steeping. Many tea lovers take white tea simply to calm their body so that they can experience a sound sleep. You can get this information about white teas at Yishanteashop.com – your only destination for buying tea online and getting valuable information on tea culture and history, particularly in China.

The concept of white tea first came to limelight in the 1780s. But it took further 90 years to get this concept documented and developed. The chief source of white teas is Da Bai Hao tea tree which are present in large numbers in the Fujian province of China. The hot discussion on white teas by tea fraternity reveals that they enjoy certain advantages over other tea forms. Though the confusion regarding the existence of caffeine in white teas still persists, Yishan teashop makes sure that quality white tea leaves are picked and processed through a simple technique to produce an extremely healthy hot drink.

Yishanteashop.com right now offers white teas like Snowy Tips White, Bai Hao Silver Needle and Bai Mu Dan – White Peony. All these varieties are sold in 56 grams and carry a price tag of $34.95, $14.95 and $8.95 respectively. The website has a wide network of tea farmers and has built close relationships with them. Still, it checks each and every product for pesticide residue and other harmful substances. So Yishan Teashop can confidently say that their teas not only offer great taste, but they are also produced placing higher importance on safety and sustainability.

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