Easy Guide To Choosing The Right Wine

For all but the experienced sommelier, pairing the right wine with your meal can be daunting. This is further exacerbated by the rules we often hear: white wine with fish, red wine with meat. When selecting a wine with your meal, it is best to throw such restrictions out the window and follow your own tastes and preferences. Using these easy tips anyone can enjoy a great bottle of wine with their favourite meal.

Visit specialty wine shops. Specialised dealers know their wines. Letting them walk you through the selection, and listening to their advice will usually provide great results. There are several questions you must be prepared to answer while getting help from a merchant, these include: price range, personal preference, and the meal it will be consumed with. Often you can find wine shops that keep various open bottles for tasting purposes. Seek these out and let your palate decide.
Learn the different wine types. Wines are classified by the grapes used in it. Grape species often grow best in very restricted climates. The Pinot Noir grape, for example, flourishes in Burgundy, Oregon, New Zealand and some parts of California. When looking to purchase a Pinot Noir wine, it is advised that you select one that is made in one of these regions. Learning the grapes will also let you branch out in to new types of wine. If you like Merlot, you might want to try a Red Bordeaux, which incorporates the Merlot grape.
Choose wine from the right region. Due to differing climates, wines produced in different areas of the world will not have the same taste. Chardonnay is a prime example of this. The chardonnay grape grows well all over the world. In warmer climates it produces a warmer, earthier tasting wine, while in cooler climates it produces a lighter, citrusy taste.

These simple steps will greatly enhance your ability to select the best wine for any occasion. Whether it is for a romantic dinner at home, or a gift brought to a dinner party, you will impress your friends with your exquisite taste in wine.

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