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We all love to savor the taste of a fine wine. While you may like drinking a certain type of wine such as a Merlot there are times when you will want to increase your knowledge of other wines. To make this learning process fun you can invite some friends who share your enthusiasm for a glass of good wine to a wine tasting party.

These wine tasting parties can be as fun or as semi-formal as you like. The best way to have a successful party is to invite friends who are comfortable in each others’ presence and ones who like to drink wine. This does not mean that your wine tasting party is going to turn into a drinking binge. To keep the level of interest going and to ensure that your guests are able to keep sober you can plan on serving some delicious food at the wine tasting party.

As each person has their own preference for wines you can decide on selecting 4 to 6 red wines and 4 to 6 white wines. You can also ask your guests to maybe bring a bottle or two of their favorite wines. To make sure that you have enough of a selection you can find out the wine type that your friends will be bringing. This way you can make sure that you are not going to buy the same wine.

Once you have thought about the amount of wine that you are going to be serving and the wines that your friends will bring you’ll need to choose some good wine choices of your own. These wines don’t have to be very expensive but they should be ones that are of a good quality. You will also need to have some bread and unflavored saltine crackers bought as well. These snacks will help your guests to wash their mouths free of the wine at your wine tasting party.

Before your wine tasting party starts you will need to make sure that you have more than enough places for your guests to sit and be comfortable if they want to. You should also provide lots of glasses for everyone to try the different wines that catch their eye.

Once your guests have arrived you should encourage the wine tasting party atmosphere by letting your guests choose the wines that they want. When you are sure that everyone is having a great time and learning about all of these wines at the wine tasting party, you can begin to introduce the pairing of food and wine. Let everyone enjoy drinking their wine choices with great tasting food. These are just a few ideas for you to try for a successful wine tasting party.

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