Selecting Wine For A Meal With Fish

Sit down at a beautiful table setting for a delicious meal and what do you see? You see the plate and silverware, of course, but also wine glasses. Yes, wine goes well with dinner, but only if the correct wine is selected for the food in question.

Red or white? This used to sum up the rather pointed, but short, discussion on which wine to select. Wine producers have started crossing vintages, so there is no longer a distinct line between them. You have other options if you want them.

Instead of memorizing which wine goes with which food, go by weight. A heavy meal should be accompanied by the strong taste of a red wine. A white would barely register with steak or any other red meat.

White wine is for the more delicate palate. That means it can easily be overcome by the strong flavors of other foods. As such, it is best when accompanying chicken and seafood. These foods would be overwhelmed by the strong taste of a red wine.

For something a bit different, why not go with a blush vintage? It is a good introductory wine for people who are infrequent wine drinkers. It is not as dry and tends to have a sweeter flavor that is more palatable for them.

When it comes to wine and food matches, the wine culture used to be unforgiving. This is simply no longer the case. The day of wine snobs are past and so are many of the rules when it comes to wine including and beyond matches with food.

The hard rules written in stone tablets regarding which wine goes with which food are basically ignored these days. Most wine drinkers just mix and match as they see fit. As long as you find it a good mix, who really cares if the rules are followed?

What about before and after dinner? Are there specialty wines for these periods? Yes! Champagne is perfect for both periods as are any sparkling wines. Many people, however, just go with the red or white they have planned for the evening.

Wine used to be very regimented. Now it is not. Drink whatever you prefer with your meal. For parties with a large number of guests, most will offer selections of both reds and whites so that people may choose on their own.

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