How To Store Wine

Wine storing has always been an overlooked issue with armature wine enthusiasts, maybe not as much because they don't care, but basically it can be quite expensive. You don't need a wine basement, but you may need some of the conditions which a wine cellar has to store the wine for best effect.
For optimal ageing potential, wines must be stored under ideal conditions, here I will try to mention some of the important factors to store wine in.
Wine should always be kept in a dark place, because light makes wine age faster, too much light can even make wine taste bad, (trust me, it can taste really bad).
Wine should be kept in a moist place so the corks don't dry out. But be careful not to have a wet place, this can make the wine labels moldy or deteriorated, this is usually a very overlooks area, I often see people keeping wine on top of a refrigerator or something like that, but have you ever tried to look at how dry it is and also think about the temperature.
Now as I just mentioned, temperature is the next issue, and some may say the most important. Wine should always have a constant temperature; the best temperature is in a cellar, at about 12-13 degrees. This is often a problem because if we store our wine in the garage temperature will raise and fall as the weather feels like it. (Unless you have some electrical stuff to keep a steady temperature).
No vibrations and free of odors, like gasoline or petroleum, or whatever you think of keeping in the same room as your wine, keep in mind not to keep things with odors.
Okay just to sum this up.
A dark place, a bit moist with no other odors, at a room temperature of about 12-13 degrees, sounds simple? Well these conditions can be hard to contain.

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