Ordering Wine In A Restaurant

A big date may be coming up or you may be dining with other friends and your date or company would definitely be impressed if you knew what wine to order when eating out at some restaurant. While even wine masters don't know every type of wine that is out there in the market, even if you are just a beginner having an idea of the type of food served at the restaurant and their wine selection will most be helpful when you will be ordering. It would also be ideal to have a general idea of the price range of their wines in order that you will not be surprised with the price.

Most dining establishments will provide you with their selection of wine where the various wines will be listed in accordance to color, type and even for some region. The great thing about some lists is that they have been conveniently numbered so as to help people who may not be able to pronounce appropriately the French and Italian wines when ordering.

When ordering wine you should consider the type of meal that you will be eating. Wines that don't add more heat or other flavors are ideal for smoky, salty and spicy types of foods. Wines that have a refreshing factor to cool down your mouth would be appropriate for such types of food. Higher class restaurants have a wine steward whom you could always ask for advice on what wine will go best with your meal. Also, most waiters in fancy restaurants would make their recommendations or would inform you if they have specials. Avoid as much as possible ordering the house wine. While they may be the most convenient wine to order, they are basically marked up more than other wines. A few more dollars can get you a better wine.

You wouldn't want to overpay or end up paying for too high a price so taking a look at their wine price list and sticking to the average priced ones would keep you safe. As much as possible, you should order wine that is from the same region as your food. If you will be dining on French cuisine, French wine would most suit your meal. If you and your date or your guests would be planning on having more than one glass of wine, it would cost less if your will order a bottle.

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