Serving Wine? Temperature Does Matter

If wine is not served at the right temperature it could severely hinder the taste and experience of the drink. When wine however is served at the right temperature the wine gains a balance and a taste that is unmatched. Perfect is the way that wine should be and most often times our wine is not perfect. In fact to often its far from it and many people really never know the difference.

Red wine are best served just slightly below room temperature or around 67-68 degrees. When red wine is served too warm it develops a strong alcohol taste and the real taste of the wine has all but vanquished. White wine are served best just slightly below 50 degrees Fahrenheit and when cooled properly it has a fresh clean fruit flavor that seems to be full of life. If white wine is chilled incorrectly it will taste weak and lifeless and as though the flavor has faded and dulled.

The easiest and fastest way to serve wine at the right temperature isn't putting it in the freezer for 10 minutes as some would have you believe. Please do not kill your wine by freezing it unless you really want to see all the flavor wave on its way out the door. What you should do is fill an ice bucket equal parts full of water and ice. Then simply submerge the bottle of wine into the bucket just to the base of the neck. If you do not have an ice bucket I really suggest getting one they are very inexpensive and well worth it. If you are having dinner with guests this weekend and don't have one then just grab a large bowl and use the steps above to chill the wine to the right temperature. White wines need to be chilled in the ice bucket between 20-25 minutes and should be served immediately after opening. Red wine should be chilled for about 15-16 minutes and they to should be served immediately upon opening.

Another easy and helpful way to chill wine to the right temperature is to have a wine cellar. You can get a wine cellar for a few hundred dollars that can hold about 24 bottle of wine or spend a lot more and get one that can hold an entire collection. This option is not for everyone but something to consider. On a wine cellar you set the temperature of the wine to the exact temperature you wish to store it at and when you are ready to drink simply uncork, decant and enjoy.

A very important tool to have especially when you are entertaining guests is a long probe wine thermometer. When you un-cork the bottle of wine you can insert the thermometer to see how close to being ready to serve it is. Once its ready you can either serve the wine in a decanter or pour for your guests. Once you have plenty of practice you will no longer need a thermometer as you'll be able to tell when your wine is cool enough by the feel of the bottle. I like to compare this to learning how to grill a steak. When you grill a steak for the first time its never right and the way you want it. After you've grilled steak for a few years you'll be able to serve it to that perfect shade of pink you like time after time. Cooling wine is the same way(minus the fire and charcoal) tools will help but eventually you won't need them anymore and will serve the perfect bottle of wine every time.

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