A Wine Of The Month Gift

Want to give a gift that keeps on giving month after month? A wine of the month gift club membership will do just that. This wine gift will impress your special friends, family, or business acquaintances, for as long as the club membership lasts. Because this gift extends over a period of months, it will send a little "reminder" each month of how much you care as a new bottle of wine is delivered to the lucky recipient.

The gift of sending wine every month is not a new concept – fruit of the month clubs have been very popular for decades. However, the latest trend has been towards a gift that sends a little different message – the monthly wine gift. Many individuals have discovered the wonderful taste of wines; whether they are red, white or rose. A delightful wine experience, combined with the well published health benefits of red wines, has created today’s popular trend toward drinking fine wines.

Benefits of a Wine of the Month Gift Club

Purchasing a wine of the month gift club membership really enhances a gift of fine wine by making it a year-round event. Each month, a new and exciting wine is delivered to the gift recipient’s front door, reminding them of your thoughtfulness.

Receiving a different wine each month is infinitely more exciting than getting a case of the same vintage and brand as a one-time gift. Most wine of the month clubs provide 12 unique vintages, each one carefully chosen to represent the season in which it is sent.

One of the major benefits of giving a wine of the month gift is that you need not worry about buying the bottle yourself, having it wrapped, and presenting it to the lucky recipient. Sending someone a membership, or subscription, to a wine of the month club means that the excitement of receiving a gift is not a once a year event, but a monthly celebration as a new, unknown vintage is delivered right to their home.

A Wine Gift Membership is Elegant – And Easy!

The beauty of giving this kind of wine gift is that all you need to do is make the initial choice, based on the wine costs and delivery charges, and leave the rest up to the wine specialists at the membership club. The difficult task of selecting the right wines is in the hands of the membership experts. If you choose a monthly subscription from a reputable club, you can be certain that their wine specialists will choose an appropriate wine within your selected price range. It really doesn’t get much easier!

Most wine of the month gift memberships are paid for up-front and cover the length of the subscription period. You may also be able to specify the recipient’s wine preferences and they will do their best to accommodate their specific wine tastes. No need for you to become a wine "expert" to ensure that the selections will be appreciated.

And don’t forget - a monthly gift of wine is a nice reminder of how much you care about the person receiving the wine. They will know that you thought enough of them to provide them with a special gift every month of the year, not just a gift quickly forgotten once opened.

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