Wine For The Perfect Wedding Theme

If the couple loves the beach, the sea, and anything to do with water, for example, perhaps a beach or nautical themed wedding would be appropriate. Or if they love a sensual, romantic atmosphere, a passion themed wedding might be more to their liking.

Elements of a themed wedding include decorations, food type, location, favors, invitations, attire, and much more. Essentially, you are creating a wedding around a theme, and your options are limitless.

You can find all the items you need to ensure your perfect wedding goes off without a hitch. Here are several popular themes to consider:

Beach themed wedding

A beach themed wedding usually uses white, blue, and yellow or sandy colors to represent the clean, airy, fresh feel of the beach and the ocean. With this theme, you can use a variety of bridal favors, invitations, and decorations. These might include:

Candle sets in blue, sand, and white;

Beach themed coasters;

Shell trinkets and polished, engraved rocks;

Personalized beach towels;

Mixed drinks or white wine wedding favors;

Flip flop shaped invitations;

Edible wedding favors like beach mints or candies; personalized chocolates with a nautical decoration, and much more.

Asian themed wedding

An Asian themed wedding offers many possibilities, and it all depends on what kind of Asian theme you want. From minimalist, clean themes, with light, elegant colors, calligraphy, and bamboo center pieces to bright, vivid colors reminiscent of gorgeous kimonos and arranged floral centerpieces, Asian themed weddings are varied and diverse. Despite the variance, there are certain favors and decorations that you can use, no matter which theme you choose. These include:


Asian brocade wallets and coin purses;

Special gourmet fortune cookies;

His & hers chopsticks;

Place card holders;

Edible favors like mints, candy and personalized chocolates.

Seasonally themed wedding

A seasonally themed wedding covers one of the four seasons and their corresponding colors, favors, and decorations. This could mean brighter or lighter colors for spring and summer; darker, warm, autumnal colors for fall; and cooler colors for winter. With seasonal weddings, you want to ensure that your colors and decorations show the season you have in mind. No matter what your theme is, however, there are some universal decorations and favors that will work across the board.

These include:

Candles of all shapes, colors and sizes;

Wine wedding favors like wine stoppers, charms, or mini corkscrews;

Edible wedding favors like chocolate covered almonds or customized chocolate bars;

Unique wedding favors like miniature bath salts, spoon sets and flower seeds;

Practical wedding favors like bottle stoppers, bookmarks and miniature coffee scoops.

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