Steps To Taste Wine

Drinking wine is one of the easiest things for the wine lovers. Just tilt the wine glass and lip it on to your mouth and enjoy the wonderful drink. But the difficult process is to taste the wine. It requires the presence of special tools, good environment, extreme concentration, sharp memory and imagination. I know this is a boring process but do remember the fact that there is a beautiful experience felt than the just merely gulping the wine. That is why most of the wine lovers enjoy tasting than just drinking, because it is full fledging experience. We all are aware that it is great experience when you are in a position to understand the wine and appreciate it and above all when the understanding is shared with others, it is a pleasant moment. It acts as an extra dimension to the mere routine of eating and drinking. Let’s have a glance at the process of wine tasting. During the wine tasting which ever wine you feel tastes good is a good wine, the aim with which wine tasting is done to have an understanding of the wine. Thus share understanding of the wine with others and generate common experiences.

The three main categories which are to be examined during the wine tasting are appearance, its aroma, and the taste. It is important that you need to look into the wine, smell it and then in turn taste. Incase you are intending to taste more than four kinds of wine in a day then be sure that by the end of the day you are not laid on the sofa, so it is advisable that you do split up the wines.

The first step in the wine tasting is the visual appearance, it is important that you do use a long stemmed wine glass without any scenic patterns on it which distract its appearance. Fill in the glass about one third. Pick it and examine on the shade, concentration and the clarity. With time red wines become light in color and on the other hand the white wine darkens in shade. The wine has to be clear and not cloudy like a beer. Swirl the wine into the mouth and just look on to the bubbles along the side of the glass; these bubbles indicate the level of alcohol content. The more the formation of bubbles then more is the concentration of the alcohol.

The next step is to smell the wine, hold the glass near your nose and in turn register the smell. It is important that you do smell the wine deeply so that it reaches your olfactory lobes where the smell gets registered. Various aromas plunge from the wine like those of the flowery, fruity and herbal.

The next is the best part of sipping the aromatic wine on to your mouth wherein it is important that you do not swallow the wine directly, but roll the wine directly on to mouth and in turn feel the various flavors which are present in the wine. Thus the simple process of wine tasting gets over with the three steps of look, smell and sip.

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