Take The Challenge, Create A Custom Wine Gift Basket

When you think about giving that special friend a wine gift basket maybe the last thing you would think of is making one yourself. And that s not so strange if you consider the choice you have these days with online ready made wine gift baskets. But wouldn t it be more special for the friend if the basket was hand picked by you, and put together by you, and gift wrapped by you?

Interest, Care and Effort.

Custom wine gift baskets are not the same as themed gift baskets. You should not confuse the one with the other. A theme gift basket had items surrounding a specific theme like winter, Christmas, fall, Halloween etc. etc. While a custom wine gift basket is filled with carefully picked items that would be special to the one receiving it.

You shouldn t think to lightly about creating a custom gift basket. You will need to find out the things the receiver likes and dislikes. Start investigating about the colors that the person likes, what type of wine he or she likes to drink. Any special interests they have and when you want to include some music in the custom wine gift basket you are should be asking around about their music taste. Also investigate what kind of food you should put in the basket and if the receiving person is a vegetarian or not. When you and the one for who the basket is intended are long time friends you won t have to do much investigating because you will know most of the likes and dislikes of the person in question.

Give it that bit of extra that makes it special

Putting in that extra bit of effort is something that will make the gift basket extra special. Everyone loves receiving a personalised gift basket and collecting the contents of the wine gift basket and customizing it should also be fun for the giver. Just thinking about the look on the receivers face the moment he or she open the gift basket and takes a look at all the individual content items. Knowing that only you could have known to put these items in the wine gift basket should give you something to talk about the coming time.

Start asking question in such a manner that it doesn t get suspicious and you get to know all those little thing that will make that the gift basket has that personal touch. Don t wait to long but start early with this and do not forget to talk about wine, after all it will be a custom wine gift basket. This way you can find out what will have the biggest impact on the person when the gift basket is received.

With all this information that you have gathered it will no longer be difficult to create a fantastic custom wine gift basket for your friend or family member. The most important thing to remember is that when you create such a custom gift you are telling the other person that you care a lot for them and that they are very special to you.

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