The Biggest Misconceptions About Wine

There are quite a few mistakes made out there about wine. The first question is why are there people making this silly mistakes when it comes to tasting, smelling, storing and enjoying wine?

First because of an elitist few wine has always had this pompous sort of arrogance to it. Even myself when I am trying to explain a wine sometimes people will jokingly say "Well it tastes like wine to me!" And you know what they're right, it is just fermented grapes at the end of the day. Grape juice that will eventually get you drunk.

Because of this intimidating towards wine many of us have developed some bizarre ways of dealing with the whole wine experience. Mistake number one and this always gives me the giggles, at a restaurant when the waiter presents the cork to the taster at the table and he or her decides to smell the cork. First off that is not why the waiter gave you the cork.

It was common place years ago that people would use a more expensive wines labels on much inferior wines. While labels are quite easy to reproduce the corks aren't. Quality wines from well known vineyards will have their own cork to match the wine being produced, having the reassurance that the wine is indeed what you just paid for is the only reason they offer the cork. If you want to get a good idea what the wine is going to smell or taste like, wait two seconds and drink it!

Swirling wine is usually follows the cork smell and while it's common place here is where the small mistake is made. Swirling wine does very little to affect how it will taste, it does however allow us to smell it much better. Smelling wine or as the experts call it the "wines nose" is a truly important part of the experience. Whether you can tell if a wine has goose berries, hints of cigar ash or burnt leather depends on how strong your palate is and for most of you it isn't and never needs to be.

A wine with a cork is not better than a screw cap, in fact these days it can be quite the opposite. Wolf Blass one of the more famous wine producers from Australia has a massive line of wine, ranging from $10 a bottle to wines selling for $200 plus and this is not aged. Wolf Blass started using screw caps on their hi end wines to prove a point. The cork while more sexy then twisting a metal cap has its problems. Cork can become tainted and unfortunately it happens more often than anyone would like. I recently had the misfortune of having a rather expensive bottle of Burgundy with cork taint and trust me it's really frustrating. Bottom line screw caps are a good thing, my $75 bottle of burgundy would have tasted fine!

There are many more but this is a good starting point for most, you can use these little explanations to impress your friends or maybe even annoy them a little.

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