Making Your Own Wine

Wine making has a rich history. It has been a part of humankind's diet over the centuries throughout the world. History books show this to be the case with the numerous quotes from almost all major civilizations about wine and its beneficial effects. For example, the Bible has wine held as a holy drink and is compared to the blood of Jesus.

It is generally considered that wine is the naturally fermented juice of fresh fruit or berries. But as a rule t is generally derived from grapes. In that sense, wine is an agricultural product as it is derived from grapes, an agricultural produce. With little assistance from mankind, grapes are converted by nature through a chemical process into an alcoholic beverage. Over time and through learning, we have come to know how to produce highest quality grapes to produce finest qualities of wine. We have also learned how to pair it with food so that we get the best effect of both.

It is possible to make wine from scratch rather than from a kit. However, there are some important things to think about when doing this. You need to collect the grapes carefully and separate them from the stems and press them to obtain grape juice. It is better if you use a commercially available grape press machine. If you choose to do it manually at home, there is a possibility you may not press the grapes right and ruin the whole batch. Ensure that you separate the seeds and skins from the grape juice. It is important to learn everything about your grape type as this will help greatly to achieve the wine you want. The grapes body and texture as well as colour influence all final results. Start the process of fermentation by adding sugar and alcohol to the fresh grape juice. Once the sugar is dissolved completely or the alcohol content reaches fifteen percent you have produced your own wine. Store the ready made wine in a cool place, first in wooden barrels and then once the wine is ready in bottles. You should store the bottles horizontally. Finally, do not forget the cork. Remember to seal your bottles with proper, air tight corks, which will keep your wine away from air and from getting oxidized.

For newcomers to the home wine making process, a wine making kit for beginners is probably the best choice to help get you started in this pastime. A wine making kit for beginners includes all of the basic equipment that you will need in order to produce wine right at home. In a typical wine making kit for beginners, you would receive: a primary fermentor, glass secondary fermentor, hydrometer, stopper and fermentation lock, siphon-hose, and a sterilizer. With a wine making kit you can create your own wine and name it whatever you want. You can even get kits that create labels for you that can specifically showcase your wine to whatever specifications you would like.

It is worthwhile giving a note of caution here. Before you consider undertaking the task of wine making, you should realize that wine making is a long process that requires a lot of patience. Additionally, wine making must be attended to with a great degree of precision, since a person who is not paying attention during the wine making process might find the end result to be wine with a horrible taste. However, if you are a person who truly appreciates the complexity of wine, you might find the process of home made wine making enjoyable in the sense of mastering an art. In attempting to create your own wine, you are forcing yourself to examine what is involved in making a wine that you appreciate, and wine is no longer something that you just purchase from your local wine shop.

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