Wine and Cheese Tasting

Looking for something different to do? Ready to break out of the rut you are in? Why not try wine and cheese tasting? In addition to meeting some new people, there is also the added bonus of being able to sample wine and cheese tasting. Wine and cheese tasting is a great way to enlighten yourself about a possible unknown world to you and others. This is a sharing experience that can also help you develop and expand your palette and personal taste arsenal.

It started as a rich tradition, now no longer an elitist activity, there are many specialty tastings and shows around, but you can also host your own right at home, with a little know how. Cheese and wine lovers all agree that this is the perfect pairing and enjoyed together they do make a good complimentary offering, best enjoyed together. Relaxing get-togethers, casual harmony, reunions and more can all flow so much more easily, with this as a backdrop and context. Three to four offerings, rounds or services is typical or simply sticking to one (all at once) are all accepted sequencing of events during a wine and cheese sampling and tasting event.

Three types of cheese per round or offering is a good balance and rule of thumb, a guideline of sorts. Matching to style, texture, form, color and taste is essential. Cheesemongers and wine-experts do not always agree on this topic, but much is published and said about what goes best with what! Develop and combine your own unique combinations as your palette becomes more refined and adventurous. Semi-soft, soft and firm/harder cheeses are all served and good choices. Move from lighter, subtle tastes and tones, to more full-bodied, pronounced tastes or stronger flavors. With a lighter wine for instance you do not want the cheese to overpower the taste, appreciation and enjoyment of the glass of wine. Drier wine and softer or milder cheeses go well as a started to your event. These can typically be served with deli meats, pate or terrine, and of course crackers, breadsticks, pretzels etc.

Medium to full-bodied wines are next, when you can start moving to more profound and stronger tasting cheeses, even sharp, fragrant and power-packed cheeses. LIQUER, ports and dessert wines, dark chocolate and blue cheeses can end the event with a highlighted close!

Have on hand your deli meats, snacks and accompaniments like breads, crackers, fruit and nuts, to ensure your guests do not get too tipsy! Platters can be customized and pre-ordered from niche suppliers or you can assemble your own selection from your local store. Keep them refrigerated to just before your guests arrive and ensure that there is a knife and serving utensils for each platter for ease of access and clean serving. Palette cleansers, water, apples, kiwis or grapes work well.

You do not have to be a connoisseur or five-star, professional chef to pull of one of these convincingly, just a welcoming host, with a creative and daring flair to try something a little more special and adventurous for your next party or get-together. Have fun with it, create a theme and/or invite your friends to customize their favorites and bring it along! In the end it is more about the togetherness than what is on the menu for most! (although some would argue that they are just there for the wine or the cheese OR BOTH! Which is all right too!)

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