Things To Know About Wine

The world of wine is unique amongst drinkable spirits. This uniqueness, however, also can make it an intimidating subject. The following tidbits are designed to take out the intimidation factor.

1. Fortified Wine - A wine that is given a higher alcohol content with distilled grape additives. Port and Sherry are examples of fortified wines commonly found on the market.

2. Wine Bottle Size – Historically, wine bottle sizes were all over the place. Today, they hold a fairly standard 750 milliliters of wine. In a restaurant, this is enough to file five to six glasses of wine per bottle.

3. Low Yield Wines – The yield of a wine refers to the number of grapes grown for the relevant season at the winery. The lower the yield, the more flavor a wine will have.

4. Canopy Management – A term used at wineries that refers to training vines. The goal is to get the vines and grapes exposed to the sun by training them to grow up a trellis structure.

5. Julienas Beaujolais – A rich and powerful vintage. Unique among wines, it is considered a spicy vintage. The name is derived from Julius Caesar.

6. Understanding Wine Vintages – The year a wine is produced is important, but many do not understand why. The year is used to signify the growing season, specifically where it was a good year or not. In short, it is all about the weather.

7. Fruitiness of a Vintage – Fruitiness refers to the ability of a wine to present an aroma and taste of a particular type. It is a term that refers to young wines. Older wines do not display fruitiness.

8. Variety of Wine Grapes – There are a wide variety of grapes used to produce the various vintages in the world. The total estimated number is close to 25,000 different types.

9. Classic Red Grapes – As with their white brethren, there are relatively few classic red grapes used for wine making. They are Merlot, Syrah, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon.

10. Bitter Red Wine and Food – The strength of a wine can be to aggressive when consumed alone. With a bitter red wine, try eating a steak with it. The combination will take the edge off the wine as intended by the winery.

The first rule of wine is not one you will read many places. Simply put, it is not to be intimidated. Just jump into it and learn as you go. You’ll have a great time.

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