Why You Need A Wine Storage System

The percentage of human beings who drink wine may be higher now than at any time except when the ancient Greeks and Romans were walking the Earth. As unlikely as the beer advertisers make it seem, the amount of wine produced in the US exceeds that of domestic beer production, and greatly exceeds beer imports. And it seems even more unlikely that all that wine is being consumed as soon as it leaves store shelves; so the logical conclusion is that it is being stored, and that many wine connoisseurs have indulged themselves with a wine storage system.

Some wines have been known to hold their bloom in storage for as long as a century, depending on their vintages, producers, and wine storage systems. And for anyone serious about preserving all the delicate flavors, aromas, and nuances of their cherished wines a wine storage system is essential.

And no, your refrigerator won’t cut it. What works well for your food, in terms of temperature and humidity, will spell disaster for most of your wines, and the constant opening of the refrigerator door will only make the disaster worse.

Avoiding Heat And Light

The very delicate balance between a superior fine wine and a bottle of expensive vinegar is a matter of exposure to heat and light. Sunlight, in particular, is dangerous to wine, and an effective wine storage system is one which will keep all light, and especially sunlight, at bay. Even a single light bulb or a crack of sunlight through the shutters can be damaging.

And a wine storage system must also keep the wine it contains at an optimal temperature; if you do not know what that is, see if the bottle label provides the information, or talk to a wine geek. If the vineyard has a website, the information might be there, or you could email them and ask. If you are mixing your wines, the temperature of your wine storage system will have to accommodate all of hem, but the real difficulty is in maintaining the temperature in a narrow range.

Smart Wine Storage Systems

Fortunately, there are "smart" wine storage systems which can provide different temperatures and humidity levels for different kinds of wine. So you can relax and put you whites any your burgundies in the same wine storage system, adjust the temperature and humidity settings for each, and close the door, knowing that each of your beauties is resting in total bliss.

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