Wine Tasting Party

Hosting a wine tasting party is an elegant and delightful way to spend an evening with a few of your closest friends. It’s up to you as far as choosing what wines to serve. There are white wines, red wines and sparkling wines.

Entice your guest’s taste buds by going from lighter wines to fuller-bodied wines so as to not overwhelm the palate. Sparkling wines awaken the taste buds and are a great way to start the party off. Stock up on wine glasses with a large bowl shape. Serving red wine in bowl-shaped glasses helps to enhance the aroma and flavor of the wine. White wine is traditionally served in smaller, slightly curved glasses. This helps to hold the chill and emphasize the wine’s flavor and aroma. Bread or unsalted crackers served in between each wine helps to cleanse the palate. Fruit and cheese help to bring out the flavor, giving the guests the full experience of each wine. As each wine choice is poured, ask the guests to swirl the wine around on the inside edge of the glass.

As the wine comes into contact with the air it helps release the delicate and full flavors of the wine. Allow the guests to smell the bouquet and aroma of each wine; the smell of the wine adds to the taste. Guests can then sip the wine and swirl it around in their mouths to appreciate the full flavor. Guests have an option to discretely spit the wine out in a receptacle or to swallow.

Provide receptacles around the party so guests have the option. Then, each guest should eat a bit of food and sample the wine again. They may change the opinions that they formed from the initial taste. As a nice twist, ask guests to each bring a bottle of their favorite wine for everyone to sample.

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