Wine Storage: Consider Function, Style and Budget!

If you are thinking about buying a wine storage system or a wine rack, you are probably wondering where to find the perfect wine rack or wine storage system that will properly store your wine, fits in with your home furniture style and won't cost you an arm and a leg.

Function, style and personal budget are the three things you need to consider before you buy a wine rack or wine storage system. Considering the answers to these questions will help you make the right buying decision. How much wine do you plan to store? How long do you plan to store it? Where will you place the wine rack or wine storage system in your home? What are my wine storage choices? And how much will it cost? With a little bit of information and decision making, you will find the right wine rack for you.

Before Buying a Wine Rack Determine Your Wine Storage Needs

In order to make a good decision about wine racks or wine storage system, you will need to decide how much wine you will plan to store long-term. Try to anticipate what your wine storing needs are today and what your long-term wine storing needs will be. Will you be storing a few bottles of wine or will you be storing a few hundred bottles? The good news is that there are many different shapes and sizes and wine storage systems to choose from.

Wine Storage Tips To Keep Your Wines Tasting Great

To keep the flavor of your wines tasting great for years to come, requires that you properly store your wine in the horizontal position. Storing wine vertically, causes the cork to shrink, which can allow air to get into the bottle, spoiling the flavor of the wine. Wine racks or wine storage systems that are tilted are also not good for long-term storage. Tilted wine racks will allow sediments to accumulate near the cork. Many horizontal wine racks can easily be added too, when you need to expand your collection.

Before Storing Wine Determine, Your Ideal Wine Location

Decide where you will place your wine rack or wine storage system. Does it make sense to have it in the dining area, kitchen, or built in wine cellar? After you decide where to place your wine rack, keep these tips in mind: Store your wine in as dark of an area as possible, away from direct sunlight and florescent lights. Keep wine in a constant state of ideal temperature. If you are planning to store wines for more than a year, then refrigeration of both white and red wines are recommended.

Once you know how to properly store your wine, and know what your wine storage needs are, then you are ready to start your search for the perfect wine rack or wine storage system. There are wine racks that hang directly from the ceiling, some you can mount and secure to the wall, stackable wine racks and stand-alone wine racks that you can easily place on the floor in your location of choice. There are many places online where you can find and view different types of wine racks, to get an idea of the choices available.

Wine Personality: Do You Know What It Is?

Yes, you do have wine personality and when you purchase the item that will house and display your wine, it is a reflection of your personality. People will know from your choice how you feel about wine, how important it is to you and will even decide what your wine interest level is simply by looking at how you care for your wine. You want to find a wine cabinet, or wine storage system that attractively showcases your wine and makes it easy and convenient to display your wine accessories.

Know the Wine Rack Features So You Can Know the Benefits

Wine racks and wine storage systems comes in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. You can use the internet to help you become familiar with the variety of choices that are out there. There are high-end, luxury wine cabinets made from exotic woods, there are wine racks that revolve for ease of use, and there are wine racks that have pull-out or dropped down serving trays to make it a one-stop shop for serving.

Now that you armed with some storage tips, you will find that there are many, many, choices of wine racks and wine storage systems for you to select from and with a little dedicated searching you can find the perfect wine rack for you.

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