Great Grill Tools

Summer's coming, and the grill beckons! Before you start stocking up on thick juicy steaks and burgers, check out some of the essential grill and barbecue tools below. They're sure to make your grilling experiences easier.
1. Basting brushes. You can never have too many of them! Check out natural bristle paintbrushes with long-handles - they make brushing on marinades and glazes a breeze while you're grilling.
2. Wire grill baskets. These usually come hinged, and with long handles that allow you to flip the basket easily. Grill baskets are great for grilling any foods that tend to flake while cooking, or have small pieces that could slip through onto the fire.
3. Bamboo or metal skewers. Kabobs make for a fun meal, and skewers are definitely needed. Bamboo skewers should be presoaked in water for about half an hour before using. Metal skewers should be turned with care, as their handles do heat up, unless you purchase ones with heat-resistant handles.
4. Meat thermometers. A meat thermometer is a worthwhile investment if you like to grill, and will be grilling a lot of meat. Not only will they help ensure that your chicken is perfectly done, but they come in very handy for grilling that perfect steak.
5. Grill tongs. Look for tongs that are long-handled - they make turning food over an easier and more comfortable task. And if you're grilling on a charcoal grill, get a second set of tongs to use specifically for moving and redistributing the charcoal.

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