Look Out For BBQ?

As the weather becomes warm, the sight of families barbequing becomes a frequent one. But if you are an individual who is counting their calories, beware of the traditional foods, as they might be loaded with calories and fat. However, you don?t have to be left eating salads the whole summer. Now there are many alternatives that make for great grilling and help you stay on a healthy diet.

They may look small, but hotdogs usually have about 30% of your daily saturated fat intake. Although hotdogs usually contain 180 calories, you should be aware that 140 of those calories are nothing but fat. And that's not including the hot dog bun! Don?t worry though, there are plenty of things you can have instead.

Instead, it will be worth paying the extra money for some lean and low fat burgers, but watch out for the hight fat toppings! If your really want to lose that weight, the best way to avoid the fat and the calories would be to just cut out the really high in fat toppings, such as mayonnaise, bacon and cheese. But if you can't compromise the taste, try using reduced fat versions of your favorite toppings.

Also, there are many substitutes for potato chips that you can choose from. You can have fruits, baked beans and a variety of healthy veggies.

As for the burgers you can try a ground turkey burger. It has fewer calories and tastes good, which is all that matters. Be sure to look for skinless turkey, it will have even fewer calories.

Instead of having beef, you can opt for chicken, which has fewer calories. And there is also fish; there are so many healthy alternatives it would be hard to choose from. So don?t fret about losing weight in the summer. It can easily be reached. And you don?t have to be stuck just eating salad.

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