Using A Weber Gas Barbecue

Many of us are very used to using charcoal barbecues to do our summer cooking. Gas barbecues have become an increasingly popular alternative, although the method of cooking is slightly different.

While the best cook in a household will often take responsibility for the kitchen, there's something about BBQ cooking that seems to make others want to volunteer. Some would suggest that the fact that such cooking is done by those who would not usually prepare food is the cause of many problems.

If you've been forced to eat food that looks rather black on the exterior and less well done throughout then you may know exactly what they're talking about.

Those who aren't used to cooking should probably not start by simply throwing some food onto their new Weber barbecue. Some thought needs to be given to food preparation and cooking.

Firstly, let's think about preparing food. There are some important safety and hygiene considerations that need to be taken into account.

One of the golden rules is that you should not allow raw meat juices and cooked meat juices to contaminate each other. Some steps that you can take to avoid any problems include storing cooked and raw meats separately, using different shelves of your fridge.

You should prepare them separately, ideally using different chopping boards and equipment. You should certainly be sure to wash everything, including your hands, thoroughly as you go along.

Once you get into position to cook, the first thing that you may notice about the gas barbecue is that it is capable of giving out a more steady heat than you often see with charcoal.

Take this into account, as cooking times will be different.

Know your barbecue, do your preparation and then reap the rewards. You'll be able to cook to perfection using a gas barbecue.

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