Barbecue Grills for All Budgets and Needs

Today's outdoor chef has many different choices of grills. Manufactures have come up with designs and functionality to meet the needs and expectation of every outdoor griller. Prices range from $30 to $1,000 or more. In general, charcoal grills are less expensive than gas units. Let's start from simple and inexpensive and move our way up to fancy, near-gourmet-kitchen setups that allow you to impress your guests with your grill and your food.

In general, grills with a larger cooking surface are more expensive, so you need to think about how large a group you typically cook for. If you have parties with 20 or more guests, you may want to opt for the largest grill you can get. Features like warming racks, side burners and even ovens are now available on outdoor grills, making the griller's job much easier, but also making the cost of the grilling unit higher.

Portable Barbecue Grills

Weber Smokey Joe Silver Charcoal Grill Around $30 This is the mini, go anywhere version of the classic Weber kettle grill. Small enough be easily portable to any outdoor event, the grill is also useful for those with smaller patios or backyards. The 14.5 in. grill width limits how much food can be cooked at once, but for those familiar with cooking with Weber kettles, it requires no learning curve and is a great value.

Aussie Pre-assembled & Completely Portable Charcoal Grill Around $50 This popular manufacturer of charcoal grills has come up with a versatile design for use in on camping trips, tailgating, picknicking-the griller on the go. No assembly is required. The grill's legs are designed to fold and the hood and bowl lock for easy transport and storage. They've even thought of including a hook on the grill so that it can hang on the wall when not in use. The cooking grid is in a criss-cross design to prevent smaller food from falling into the charcoal. The manufacturer also says the grill is especially designed with adjustable hood and bowl vents to allow for maximum control of air flow.

Simple, Easy-to-Use and Cost Effective Barbecue Grills

Weber 22.5 In. One-Touch Silver Charcoal Grill - Black Less than $100 This is the familiar classic kettle that many of us grew up using. The innovation in this reasonably priced unit is their exclusive One-Touch cleaning system made of alumnized steel.

Char-Broil 26,500 BTU 2 Burner Gas Grill Around $100 This inexpensive gas grill has an impressive 410 total square inches of cooking surface, and an electronic ignition system for easy lighting. The grill also features two metal side shelves that can be used as prep tables or holding areas for prepared food.

Char-Griller Super Pro Charcoal Grill/Smoker Less than $150 This unit is great for outdoor chefs who want to learn how to prepare smoked foods as well as grilled foods, but do not want to buy a dedicated meat smoker. Features of this unit include an adjustable grate and dampers, 3 level adjustable cast iron grates for even heating, an easy-dump as pan for simple clean-up and a wire storage rack. It also boasts a total cooking surface of 800 sq. ft.

Brinkmann Stainless Steel 4 Burner Grill Less than $200 This unit has 48,000 BTU's and over 660 square inches of total cooking space. It has two large side tables to provide all the workspace you will need. Another great feature of this reasonably priced grill is a warming rack that allows you to keep foods heated while others finish on the grill. They also say their "integrated ignition" allows for a quick start each time.

These are just a few recommendations of inexpensive barbecue grills available.

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