Impress With Duck

It's not always easy for the time-starved cook to stay on top of the latest quick, easy, exciting dishes. So where do the at-home cooks go to learn how to wow guests?

These days, people are jumping online in search of trendy, delicious recipes to impress family and friends. Recently, the U.S. Duck Council introduced online resource that provides time-starved cooks with alternative, easy recipes that impress guests with simplicity and style. features:

• A two-minute intro-to-duck video that shows how easy it is to cook White Pekin duck breasts at home.

• Low-fat recipes that debunk duck's "fatty" image of yesterday.

• Quick and easy, step-by-step cooking instructions.

Visitors to the Web site can also submit their favorite duck recipes, which could be featured on the Web site, as well as sign up for an e-newsletter that highlights seasonal recipes and entertaining tips.

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