Food Processor: An Essential Kitchen Appliance

The food processor is good for anyone who cooks, from everyday lunch to important banquets! It is among the best kitchen appliances you can buy. You can start enjoying it even for small meals!
Food processors are kitchen workhorses that easily handle heavy-duty tasks like slicing tough carrots, and yet they can also prepare recipes that need delicate handling, such as a flaky pie crust. A food processor can tackle almost every task you give it, from pureeing a savory soup to mincing garlic cloves.
Perhaps the most important decision one has to make is regarding the food processor's capacity. They vary in size from 21 ounces to 14 cups, for professional kitchens. Try to determine the quantity of food you will most often prepare and how often you expect to use this machine before you choose a model.
Depending on the model you've purchased, look for the pulse feature switch, which allows you to chop quickly and prevents over processing the food. It also gives the user ultimate control. Attachments may also be included, which includes the feeding tube (pushes food in the machine while it's working), and a disc for slicing, shredding, or grating. The feeding tube is also for safety, keeping your hands further away from the blade. Certain tubes have different sizes which may be larger or smaller openings on particular models.
Disc and blades are important food processor accessories that really expand your food preparation options. Processors typically come with a variety of slicing and shredding discs. The size of the processed slice or shred is measured in millimeters, and this is how the discs are labeled. Some models also include juicers. A dough blade, included with heavy-duty models, is designed for processing yeast bread dough.
All processors come with a clear plastic mixing bowl and lid, an S-shaped metal chopping blade and a plastic food pusher to safely push food through the feed tube. Some models have a wider tube so you don't have to cut up vegetables like potatoes to fit the opening.
Mini choppers look similar to little processors, with a capacity of 2 to 3 cups, but they are for small jobs only, like chopping small quantities of nuts or half an onion. Generally, blender processors are better suited to working with liquids and food processors work wonders with more solid foods. You can say that of the two, the food processor is the more versatile appliance.

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The food processor is among the most useful kitchen appliances for the average person. The processor's capacity is a very important consideration. Capacity varies anywhere from 21 ounces to 14 cups for the professional kitchen.