Top 6 Ideas for Kitchen Organization

Looking for more space in your kitchen for dishes, pots, pans and utensils? Does it always seem like there's been an explosion of dishes and cookware in your kitchen? If yes, then consider the following:

1.The Lazy Susan - A Cooks Best Friend

The Lazy Susan is made up of a collection of shelves, usually two or three, that can rotate. Lazy Susan come in multiple forms, but circular Lazy Susans are most common. While they are often found on large kitchen tables, they can also be found between two kitchen cabinet doors in the corner. Lazy Susans are great for storing small kitchen items, such as spices, can openers and utensils.

2.Hanging Pot Racks - Elegant Storage

Hanging pot racks will serve you in two ways: They'll suspend your pots and pans from the kitchen ceiling - this will give you more shelf space; and they'll look great, giving your kitchen an air of elegance.

3.Kitchen Cart - Convenience on Wheels

The kitchen cart, while not glamorous, can serve you well. Often made of wood, they can contain moveable shelves to make room for both large and small items, as well as kitchen cabinet doors and draws with which to place everything from cook books to appliances. Further, with the right cart, you could place your microwave on top of it, creating more counter space. In addition, many carts are on wheels, giving you flexibility with your kitchen layout.

4.Bakers Rack

Bakers racks come in a multitude of materials, from wood and glass to stainless steel. They serve as shelving units on which you can stack your pots, pans and food items.

5.Kitchen Island

The resume of kitchen islands has expanded in recent decades. Sure, they are still used for food preparation, expanding your existing counter space, but they also can serve as a storage area for your kitchen utensils, pots, pans - whatever -with draws and cabinets. Some even contain refrigeration units, Lazy Susans, oven burners and even trash compactors, sinks and wine racks.

6.Utensil Tray

A utensil tray fits in your silverware draw to organize...yup, you guessed it...your utensils and other small kitchen tools. It's often made of plastic for easy cleaning and has various sized compartments. Although the utensil tray is small, don't underestimate its importance as it can really bring order to your cooking life and save you valuable time looking for cooking material.

As you can see, there are many options to make your kitchen more space efficient. Soon, you'll be able to stop looking, and start cooking!

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