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Looking for a gift for a coffee drinker in your life? They are probably just about tired of getting the same old coffee mug. But, if coffee is their way of life, there are many gifts that you can give them to allow them more convenience and better flavor. Here are some things that you should think about.

* Grind Out An Idea. Does the coffee drinker in your family like to purchase fresh coffee beans and then grinds them before bringing them home? If so, then why not purchase a coffee grinder for them. Use web consumer reviews to help you choose the best one because there are many. These are fairly straightforward pieces of equipment. But, going with a low end version is not going to be a good choice for gourmet coffee beans.

* The Coffee Gadget. There are many gadgets out there that are just amazing. There are those that are made for coffee too. To find them, look at your options on some of the coffee websites. For example, an excellent choice would be a coffee mug/burner that plugs into the cigarette lighter of your car. If your coffee lover takes his coffee to work or drives a lot, then this is the ultimate. It keeps coffee hot and fresh while you are driving. You can even find single cup coffee makers that will actually brew a cup of coffee from the cigarette burner.

* Nothing Says Love Better Than Chocolate. What does chocolate and coffee have to do with each other? Let's face it. They are just born for each other. Gourmet chocolates are an excellent compliment to coffee. If you don't want to go that route, look for those candies that are made with espresso in them for an even bolder taste and experience.

* Pack A Basket. Pack a gift basket with coffee varieties, with chocolates, with a variety of creamers and maybe even a mug. They are sure to take full advantage of this as coffee drinkers.

* Coffees from around the world? Many coffee drinkers love the richness, the flavor and the aroma of coffee. But, there are hundreds of different flavors. They come from all over the world and can offer more pleasure to the taste buds than you would have thought. You could provide them with a selection of coffees from around the world. If they like gourmet blends, then go for those. The good news is that there are many great options offered online. You literally can get a great cup of coffee on some of the online coffee markets!

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