Great Machines For All Kinds Of Java

Variety Is The Spice of Life – And Of Your Coffee!

There are more ways to drink, sip, or slurp your coffee than you can imagine. For those of you who stick to the same old brew from one cup coffee makers day after day then it is time to spice things up!

Did you know that Papau New Guineans grow coffee? Did you know that mixing Sumatran coffee from Indonesian with coffee from Papau New Guinea makes one of the best and boldest brews out there? There are so many ways to blend your coffee, its amazing!

For instance try a Sumatran blended with Colombian Patron for a roast that is dark, smoky, and brews just right.

You can also experiment with flavorings to change up your coffee selection. Try adding cherry or vanilla flavoring to your Brazilian blend for that light touch. Try a Tahitian variety blended into the prefect vanilla latte to really get your taste buds raring to go!

To make the perfect mocha you can try different types of chocolate with different kinds of beans for the best taste. For instance a Yemeni coffee blended with dark chocolate is absolutely delicious. You can always try an American roast with some Ghiradelli chocolate for a lighter drink.

You can also try out different kinds of liqueurs and liquors that can give your coffee a new twist.

Try adding dessert pears, brown sugar, and a splash of run to a Jamaican brew for a yummy drink. You can also use apricots and brandy in place of pears and rum for another twist. Costa Rican blends an be mixed with Amaretto for that silky sweet taste we love.

You can brew your Mexican coffee with cocoa beans for a delicious winter drink or something hot and spicy for summer as well. Try a frozen cappuccino from one of the machines at your local coffee house to cool down in the summer heat. Add a dash of mint flavoring for a super cool feeling.

If you don’t need that extra caffeine in your diet, then try a decaf that still has a rich flavor. You can try an Italian Espresso or a Marrakesh Decaf to keep al the flavor in your brew.

If you like a nutty flavor try a Macademian brew with a hint of chocolate. You can also add a raspberry or coconut flavor to mix things up! No matter how you like your coffee, try something new and like it even more!

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