3 Ways To Start Cooking Light

Cooking light is one of the biggest trends today especially when new years resolutions are still fresh or a wedding or special occasion is on the horizon. Unfortunately, the associations people have with cooking light are bland, tasteless and horrible food. However, this not need be true at all. You can try any of your family's favorite recipes and make it a healthier alternative by just substituting a few things and having a more open mind.

To start cooking lighter substitute your regular high calorie or overly fatty ingredients with their lighter alternatives. There are many alternatives to the staple food ingredients we are used to using. Choose those ingredients that are low in trans fats and lower in calories.

Dressings are particularly high in all the wrong things so try a low fat mayonnaise or fat free ranch dressing in your sandwiches. Avoid using foods coated in oil, many types of tinned fish are now packed in water rather than oils, this significantly reduces your calorie intake.

If you eat a lot of refined white bread then you will not be getting the fiber you need and your fat intake will be high. When choosing bread go for the oat-based alternative or the 100% whole grain variety. Just because bread is brown does not mean it is healthier for you. By taking a true whole grain alternative your body will get an increased intake of fiber and lower amounts of fat.

Switch the oil you use when you begin to cook light. Even if olive oil is more expensive, try using a little of it and use no-fat cooking spray instead. If you must use more oil and olive oil is burning a hole in your pocket, try canola instead. It is very price competitive and has lots of health benefits as opposed to corn or vegetable oils.

When baking use a low calorie sweetener in place of sugar. Line your baking tins with a no fat cooking spray and use dark chocolate instead of milk. All of these are good alternatives for cooking light.

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