Spicing Up Your Cooking

Dropping the phrase 'home cooking' into your chats with friends or colleagues is usually enough to create a pretty positive stir. The conversation is likely to take a nostalgic turn at once - conjuring memories of hot soups bubbling on cold winter afternoons, crusty pie pastries and homemade cakes. But unfortunately, this idyllic picture is often far removed from the modern home cooking scenario.

Limited by busy routine, late finishes at work and children to ferry to and from after-school activities, home cooking can all too easily fall by the wayside. At best your food becomes boring, and the cooking a real chore. So what can you do to embue it with a bit of excitement? How can you put the oomph back into your home cooking?

The easiest way to keep your home cooking fresh and interesting is to subscribe to a home cooking magazine. Editors are very aware of the time constraints we all face in our daily lives, and they often devote lgenerous sections of each issue to simple, healthy recipes that can be prepared in under half an hour - less than the time it takes to walk to the nearest take away, queue up, wait for the food, and finally walk home again. The editors know what will sell their magazines!

There are three good reasons to get your inspiration from a genuine, hardcopy magazine instead looking for recipes online.

1. The quality of the writing will be high. These are professional publications that employ professional writers. All the articles will be professionally copy edited, proofread and illustrated by a professional photographer. This guarantees the recipes will be easy to follow and fun to read, which is always a great motivator.

2. A home cooking magazine is easier to use in the chaos of a busy kitchen. You don't have to worry about spilling cream on your laptop, or covering your keyboard with floury fingerprints.

3. The content is bundled in a one-stop solution for all your home cooking needs - until the next month. And then it will time for the next issue.

Subscribing to a good home cooking magazine isn't expensive. And you'll probably make it back on the money you save on take out food - and even doctor's bills if you look at it long term. But the outlay, however modest, will ensure you stay motivated to cook as often as possible. After all, you wouldn't want to waste that money you save, would you?

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