The Applications of Lead Aprons -

Lead aprons are commonly used in medical and dental practices. In dental practices, the lead apron is often used when having a panoramic dental X-ray performed. Since a panoramic x-ray emits radiation to all parts of the upper body, a lead apron is required to keep the patient safe and to prevent as much excess radiation as possible.

Lead aprons, or another relevant type of shield, should always be used when x-rays are performed. Keep in mind that the part of your body being x-rayed must remain uncovered. The lead apron helps to shield unaffected parts of the body from contamination from radiation. These lead aprons are especially important in protecting vital organs, namely reproductive organs and the breasts of women.

An interesting fact about lead aprons is that they contain radiation. Since lead aprons are exposed to a countless number of x-ray hours, most states and counties require that they be discarded and handled as hazardous material. Classifying lead aprons as a hazardous material means that your local authorities require you to dispose of the lead apron in an authorized and approved hazardous materials location.

Lead aprons of today are much safer and lightweight that those in years past. Many of the lead aprons used today have Velcro straps to make it easier to secure the apron in place. We understand more about safe and unsafe levels of radiation and this knowledge has helped manufacturers in creating safe and effective lead aprons for both medical and dental use. If you have ever had an x-ray, chances are you were instructed to wear the apron.

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