Cooking- Cooking With Kids

Kids love to be creative. Cooking is a great outlet for kids to express their creativity. It can also help provide a wonderful way to build and develop self-esteem.

One-on-one Time
With our lives so busy, cooking provides a wonderful way to spend quality one-on-one time. The memories that are created while cooking together will last a lifetime. I am sure many of you have fond memories of learning and helping your parents or grandparents cook. It may take extra patience and time to prepare the meal, but the benefits far outweigh the time it takes to clean up.

Age Appropriate
Depending on age of your child, pick age appropriate tasks. For example, if your kids are too young to measure or assemble ingredients, let them have a quick stir or let them pour something into the bowl. They will be thrilled to just be able to help.

Older kids can help with things like measuring, stirring, assembling and helping follow the recipe. Teenagers can also help by preparing, shopping and cooking the meals with minimal guidance.

So what are some of the benefits? Some you will see immediately and others may take a life time to notice. Either way, there are many great benefits.

Not only does it teach kids a lifelong skill, but it also helps instill healthy eating habits. Kids that learn to cook and eat healthy will be more likely to continue with good eating habits into adulthood. Encouraging kids to cook and eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables in the home can also help reduce the amount of junk food they are consuming.

It also can reduce the number of times a family runs through the drive though or picks up take out, thus helping the family save money and reduce caloric intake while developing healthier eating habits.

Family Time
Another added benefit is that it provides children with structured family time. Children love stability and cooking and eating together is a chance to provide family togetherness. It also helps kids feel like they are contributing to the family. Plus when they help prepare the meal, they are more likely to feel a sense of accomplishment and actually want to eat the meal. Picky eaters will even venture out to try food they helped prepare, more so than they would if you simply put a plate of food in front of them. Now what parent does not wish that mealtimes would go a little smoother?

Great family recipes and secrets are learned and passed down the line. Many of our favorite recipes get passed down the line from past generations. If your family has a great cooking history, pass it along to your kids. In turn, they will share it with their future families.

Have fun sharing and creating memories with your kids.

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