A Beginners Guide To Seasonings

In this article I will try to explain what seasonings are and what the difference is between seasonings and condiments. Seasonings are a big part of our lives. I mean, how would the food that we are eating every day, taste without seasonings? Not so much, I guess...

To make food that taste good, you will need to use seasonings. Seasonings are a mix of different kind of herbs, spices and condiments that is put together and used to flavour the food. However, to be more precise in definition, seasoning and flavouring the food is not the same thing. According to the experts, salt does not have any seasoning qualities. The only thing salt does is to boost the flavour of the food you are making. But, because pepper and basil transfer a certain flavour to the food you are cooking, they do have the right quality to be accepted as seasonings.

As you are probably aware of, seasoning is very common in our kitchen and in restaurant kitchens. The difference between having a success and catastrophe, when making a meal or a dish, very often depends of having the right seasonings to flavour the food. But, how do you do that? Well, first and most important, you need to know what kind of herbs and spices harmonizing with each other. There are a lot of different herbs and spices you have to choose from, and only with some reading and testing, you will find out what works and not.

Another important fact that you should be aware of, is that the time when you add the spices and herbs in the food, is very important. You don't want to add the spices and herbs too early in the cooking process, because there is a chance that the flavour will disappear. On the other hand, if you but in to late, the flavour may be to strong and destroying the food. There is a balance you need to achieve, if you want to make a perfect tasting meal.

According to the experts, seasoning and condiments is not the same thing. The difference is not very clear, but a simple explanation would be this:

Seasonings are placed together into four categories
1.Saline seasonings (t ex. Salt)
2.Acid seasonings (relies on vinegar or citric juices)
3.Hot seasonings (relies on paprika, curry, cayenne pepper or pepper spices)
4.Saccharine seasonings (relies on sugar and honey)

Condiments, on the other hand, can be pungent like onion and garlic; they can be hot like mustard, capers, chilli, or fatty like butter, animal and vegetable fats or greases.

The difference between condiments and seasonings is not well known by most people. But, most people know what kind of flavour they like and how to put together the seasonings to get it right when cooking. And since there's a lot of mixes of seasonings or condiments that is produce now days by companies, there is no need to make the mixes yourself. However, to make the mixes yourself is not that hard to do, and the result will hopefully be so much better.

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