General Cooking Tips for Novice

Working in the kitchen table for the first time may be quite a thrill. Cooking is something that you should take seriously. Here are some basic cooking tips that everyone should know before putting on an apron.

Preparation is the key
Prepare the things that you need to work with before cooking. Purchase all the ingredients that you need and make a checklist of the tools and equipments that you will use. Proper preparation is one of the key things that separate the professional from the novice.

Food hygiene
When preparing to cook, always wear clean clothes and put on an apron. Briskly wash your hands before and after working with raw meat and other food items. Pull your hair back to prevent any loose hair to come in contact with your food. Wash all meat, poultry, fruits and vegetables before cooking them. Avoid handling food when you are sick or feel ill.

Frying is one of the most common cooking procedures. Cool and dry places are the best storage for oil. It is not advisable to deep fry salted or moist products. Fry in small portions of food so that the oil would not cool down fast. Frying pans should be heated up with just the right temperature so that food would not stick to the pan.

Make sure that all ingredients are pre-measured. Temperature is very important in baking. Always follow temperature recommendations as indicated in the recipe. The mixing process in baking should be followed precisely. Over-mixing or under-mixing can alter the taste of your finished product adversely. Do not overcrowd your oven and avoid opening the oven door every so often.

On cooking pasta
Remember that fresh pasta cooks quickly. Cooking pasta in plenty of water and constant stirring can prevent them from sticking together. To prevent mushy pasta, make sure not to allow your pasta to stay in water longer than it should. Salt does not only bring out the flavor of pastas but it could also add to its firmness.

Cooking vegetables
It is advisable to scrub vegetables rather than to peel them. Most nutrients can be found in the skin of the vegetables. To get the most out of your vegetable, you can steam your veggies or put them on a microwave oven rather than boiling them.

Finish up with a good presentation
With a nice presentation, you would definitely entice anyone to have a taste of the food you prepared. It is a good idea to decorate your food only with things that are edible. Edible garnishing should always go with the food that you prepared. One tip: use the similar ingredients that are dominant in your food for garnishing. For instance, you can create chocolate curls to top of a delicious chocolate cupcake.

The marinade is the key to a good grilled food. Put a generous amount of marinade to the food that you are about to grill. The best cut for marinated food should at least one inch thick. When cooking directly from a charcoal grill, sufficient amount of coal can add to the quality of your food.

With these basic tips in mind, you are sure to make your way to a delectable and satisfying meal!

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