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In any major field of study, graduates usually have several career options to pursue. For examples, teachers may decide on educating elementary, middle school, high school, or college students; Law enforcers are patrol officers, prison guards, parole officers, or detectives. Likewise, Chef’s also have choices to make throughout his/her career. After experience in other venues of the culinary arts, a professional cook may have decided to become his/her own boss, and join the growing field of personal chef’s.

Nevertheless, becoming a personal chef is a growing process. In the beginning, a potential chef may start out working at a restaurant after school as a dishwasher or busboy/girl. The job is anything but glamorous. However, the experience will prove valuable when applying for admittance to a culinary arts school. After doing the tedious jobs related to the food service industry, a young adult’s dedication to his/her future education will be unquestionable.
Constantly watching what goes on behind the scenes, a teenager interested in cooking will have the information necessary to decide whether the kitchen is the right career choice.

After high school, the next step is finding a school for the culinary arts. Although some schools are exclusive to a certain aspect of cooking, like a pastry chef, many schools offer classes on a variety of cuisines. During the years of formal education, the future chef will receive valuable classroom and hands-on experiences. Over time, a student will develop areas of particular interest. At this point, a mentorship is necessary to obtain the on-the-job training necessary for future employment. An internship, with an executive chef, will prepare a person for long hours of bustling around a busy and hot kitchen.

Assuming he/she has not had a change of heart, a budding chef will graduate and seek employment with a reputable restaurant or food service. Starting as a su chef, a new hire will likely be relegated to cleaning, washing, and chopping, with little/no direct contact with the customers. In addition, he/she is destined to be under the tutelage of a supervisor, and likely not to garner a promotion for quite some time. While one person prefers to work behind the scenes, another would rather have direct contact with the people he/she serves and be his/her own boss. For him/her, a personal chef is a good career move.

Becoming a personal chef means further education into working directly with the customer, planning meals based on the particular need of the family, budgeting and shopping for the weekly groceries, preparing and storing meals for later use, and making sure the kitchen is spotless before going on to the next customer. Next, finding a well-known food service agency will enable a personal chef to build a clientele. Similar to a nanny service, the agency verifies the applicant’s credentials and matches the chef with families in need of his/her expertise.

With regular clients, a personal chef has a job similar to a personal trainer. While freeing a busy household from the riggers of shopping, cooking, and cleaning after a hard day at work, the chef is also responsible for teaching the family how to reheat the prepackaged meals, proper portion sizes, and what is offered in a well-balanced meal. The chef usually prepares a week’s worth of meals in advance, storing some in the refrigerator and the rest in the freezer. As a personal trainer weekly helps people exercise and build physical strength, a personal chef is responsible for preparing tasty, healthy cuisine. Knowing he/she is assisting the family to practice healthy eating habits, a personal chef has the satisfaction of knowing he/she is truly making a difference.

In summary, becoming a personal chef is often an excellent career choice for the culinary arts graduate who loves to work directly with people, be his/her own boss, and make a difference in educating others on how to eat healthy, nutritious meals. Rather than work in a kitchen doing menial chores, a personal chef has ample opportunity to practice the craft of cooking culinary delights.

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