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Cooking recipes can range from a simple grilled chicken breast to the exotic such as Beef Wellington. The problem is that most people become intimidated by the thought of stepping outside of their comfort zone.

The chefs on television make it look simple yet when we stare at the recipe we get lost in the myriad of ingredients and the techniques needed to bring the dish to life. The reality is that anyone can cook a great meal if they know some simple shortcuts and tips.

Healthy cooking has become the mantra of today's health conscious society. Everywhere we turn there are ads telling us "No trans fats" or "zero calories" not to mention the hype surrounding carbohydrate-free meals.

The secret to cooking recipes low in fat and healthy for us is to use the outer aisle. No, the outer aisle is not some weird third dimension. In a grocery store the outer aisles are where you can find vegetables, meats, dairy, eggs and breads. Most layouts follow this floor plan.

Low carb recipes are very simple to prepare once you have the necessary ingredients. Avoid carbohydrates that are not filling. When making a choice between white flour and whole wheat, choose the whole wheat.

It is more filling and has the essential nutrients you need without the abundance of carbohydrates. Cooking recipes that utilize fresh vegetables and lean meats are a great way to avoid too many carbohydrates.

If you are a vegetarian, look to the salad bar at your local grocery store. Many people find themselves lacking the time to cut and chop vegetables. The salad bar takes the work out of whipping up a quick stir-fry dish.

The vegetables are already cut, washed and ready to eat. For protein consider adding tofu or chickpeas. A vegetarian meal does not have to be bland. There are many free recipes on the internet for vegetarian meals.

Cooking recipes that are fast and simple seem to be very popular thanks to Rachel Ray's 30 Minute Meals. The premise is great food prepared and cooked in less than thirty minutes.

These appeals to those that find themselves pressed for time after work. The meals are nutritious, appealing and simple for anyone to prepare. The key is having ingredients that do not require an excessive amount of time to cook.

We have all had recipes that turned out to be fitting only for the garbage disposal. Take heart from the mistakes and know that every cook has made them. Find the recipes that appeal to you and experiment them.

Fit them to your taste and lifestyle and you will meet with success. It is important to have a good time in the kitchen. Invite a few friends over and have a dinner party. Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we start all over again.

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