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This soup is so easy to make and very quick to. Ideal for a summers evening starter or just a small refreshing pallet cleanser.

For the soup
4 fresh cucumbers
1/2 lemon
3 tblsp white wine vinagar
1 tblsp sweet chillie sauce
1 tblsp sugar
6/7 large ice cubes salt and pepper

For the mousse
200g smoked salmon
50ml double cream
lemon juice salt and pepper

1 Peel and deseed the cucumbers and chop in to chunks.
2 Place all the ingredient for the soup in to a blender and blitz until a pale green liquid has formed.
3 Season to taste but do not over do it, remember to keep the flavor light and fresh and the taste of the cucumber should be the most prominent. Store in an air tight container in the fridge.

For the mousse place all the ingredients in to a food processor and blitz until combined,season to taste. Press the mixture through a fine sive to remove any unwanted bones. The texture should be smooth, silky and light.

To serve place the mouse in to the middle of a shallow bowl and spoon the cucumber soup around to the desired amount. Garnish with dressed frisse lettuce and serve immediatly

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