Words to Cook By....Ci-Ch

For those of you who don’t know French, understanding what you are reading is essential prior to cooking up a savory dish. If you aren’t familiar with a particular word-don’t let that throw you off. Creating delicious dishes is relatively easy once you understand exactly what you’re reading. The following are explanations of some of the lesser recognizable words and cooking terms that you will find on Gourmandia.com beginning with the letter C.

•Clafoutis-A fruit dish in which the fruit is baked in a pastry.
•Coeur-The heart or core of something.
•Cognac- A brandy from the Cognac area of France.
•Compote-In cuisine, a mixture of fruit, or fruit puree.
•Coque-A shell.
•Cornet-A cone.
•Cote-The coast.
•Crayfish-Also referred to as crawfish; a shellfish very similar to lobster, but much smaller.
•Crepe-A French pancake.
•Crevettes-Shrimp or prawn.
•Croustillante-Crispy or crunchy.
•Curd-A coagulation of milk like cottage cheese; curd can also be associated with tofu.

Now that you have a few more pointers you will be able to tackle some of these recipes with no problem whatsoever. Check for future articles translating the remainder of the alphabet. To put these words to tasty use, visit Gourmandia.com. Happy Cuisson!

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